City tour Medellín

As Mayor Federico Gutiérrez says, Medellín has achieved success thanks to resilience; to the sense of belonging, to creativity, innovation and the ability to take risks. Cataloged in 2013 as the most innovative city in the world, one of the best places to live in South America, Lee Kuan Yew World City (2016), and one of the ten most amazing cities in the world to celebrate Christmas according to National Greopraphic, This city of almost 4 million of habitants, collects not only an amazing story, if not also, a story of improvement, development and effort that is today a model for thousands of cities around the world.
  • Carabobo avenue,
  • Botero park,
  • Antioquia museum.
  • Cultural palace
  • “La Veracruz”church.
  • Cathedral La Candelaria.
  • Barefoot park
  • Pueblito Paisa.
  • El Poblado Neighborhood
  • Comuna 13.
  • Explora park
  • Botánic garden.
  • Arvi park.
  • Antioquia railway
And many others sites in the tour from 1 to 10 days. Ask for the free tour.  
This is our passion, This is our land.

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