Coffee region

Eje Cafetero Immense garden, paradise of eternal spring, smell  coffee constantly, magic and the spell of orchids and “heliconias”. It is a soul swollen from farms and places that one imagines closer to the biblical idea of ​​the promised land, although here there are no beaches of white sand or turquoise blue sea. This is a sea of ​​the purest splendor in the grass, a sea of ​​wax palms, lean and pointing to the sky; a sea of ​​coffee and greenery, of birds and suns, of the fine goldsmiths inherited from the prehispanic Quimbaya tribe, also of contrasts, of snow and volcanoes, of banana plantations and thermal waters ” A region notably producing rubber at the beginning of the 20th century, but which was later dedicated to growing coffee, and today generates most of the coffee for export and national consumption. Located in the center of western Colombia, the coffee region is made up of 6 departments: Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío, North of Valle del Cauca, Suroccidente de Antioquia and northwestern of Tolima. Because of their different altimetry, they can refer to a number of tourist activities, which becomes the obligatory step of any trip. Salento, Panaca, National Coffee Park, Santa Rosa de Cabal  Thermal, the tour through towns such as Filandia, Quimbaya, and coffee plantations are, among others, the tourism sites we offer when visiting this region. Enjoy the best coffee, the coffee of Colombia, that Juan Valdez made famous in the whole world!

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