Graffiti tour Comuna 13

A neighborhood like another one, hit by violence like Secondigliano in Napoles, La Fabela in Rio de Janeiro, Medina in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and how many others arise, when mentioning places classified as dangerous in the world about. And still, your people do believe that there are other life options and that “money can also be done in a good way” as they express it. The graffiti tour is a tour through the streets of a neighborhood in Medellín that is reborn after a period of violence. Each graffiti has a story and a protagonist. There are 4 blocks of streets separated by outdoor electric stairs, where, in addition to observing and admiring the graffiti you can also taste the gastronomy of the place, and enjoy the musical art hip-hop, reggaeton and much more. Duration: 4 hours approx. Ask for the free tour.
This is our land, this is our passion

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